Royal Icing & Piping

This course, taught by Johra Salmin, a professional Cake Designer, is suited for the beginner, the enthusiasts as well as the professionals. In this course, you will learn how important it is to get this traditional skill of piping mastered. Students will learn the fundamentals of cake decorating, icings, assembly, balance, presentation, portion sizing and transportation. You will learn the techniques of coating cakes, cake templates, basic and advanced piping techniques, piped flowers, inscriptions techniques, colour flow and run-outs borders techniques, collar and extension borders, lace patterns techniques, Australian string-work and again the all important control of the piping bag.

All materials, tools and equipment are included in the cost of the class.

Student will receive and keep a handout and a kit that includes the following tools:

  • 16” royal icing blade
  • 11” Palette knife straight blade
  • 8” / 25cm piping bag
  • Pattern edge side scraper – set of 4
  • Plain edge side scraper
  • Package of 12” disposable piping bags – 12 pkg
  • Icing bag adapter / coupler
  • Icing flower nail medium
Tip box which includes:
  • Writer Supatube # 1
  • Writer Supatube # 1.5
  • Writer Supatube # 2
  • Star Supatube # 8
  • Figure Supatube # 17
  • Rope Supatube # 42
  • Rope Supatube # 44
  • Leaf Supatube # 51
  • Petal Supatube  # 55 curved
  • Petal Supatube #57s straight
A Diploma will be awarded after the completion of the Royal Icing and Piping Module.

Tools Required: A student kit with a chef jacket, towel, Apron, Tools and materials needed for the course will be provided.

Student brings a pen and a notepad

Please register 7 days prior to starting date to allow for instructor’s preparation of this 5 day class.

Price: Ksh45,000

Bakery Expo 2019 – 2nd Mombasa Edition

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