Happy Treats

Cake Emporium limited entry in the baking and confectionery business has really shifted the common notion that baking is a mere formality. We have invested heavily towards discovering creativity in the baking industry offering value to our customers beyond their expectations.

Happy treats wishes to offer a new lease of life to the disadvantaged community members through providing them an opportunity to sample the pleasure that come with baked and confectionery products. The relationship with them shall not end there as we aspire to mentor them to be able to make their own baked confectionery products.

They shall be equally be invited to the bakers guild of Kenya a network that we founded and are proud nurturing to offer them continued guidance of different values in various tastes of the baked products. Through the guild we hope to offer them additional guidance and support towards their future endeavor.

We are seeking support from mutual stakeholders that include Non Governmental Organizations, Government Departments, Philanthropy Organization and even International Communities to offer our community this opportunity. The support shall go towards purchase of baking of ingredients, baking and delivery to target beneficiaries.

Bakery Expo 2019 – 2nd Mombasa Edition

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